August 25, 2016


Upcoming Events


Master Workshops

Sept 11 - Oct 8 - Nov 6 - December 4


Challenger Workshops

Sept 18 - Oct 16 - Nov 13 - Dec 10


Scholastic and Rapid Tournaments

Oct 22 - Nov 20 - Dec 17


Please visit back soon for details about tournaments.


UCF National Chess Day Exhibition


October 9th is the National Chess Day, and we can already disclose that it is going to be EPIC! We are collaborating with UCF Chess Club and Orlando Chess Academy to start history with a one-of-a-kind event. Stay tuned for details!


Fall/Winter Program


This summer has been more successful than ever for our students - please visit our Facebook page to help us celebrate the winners! Now we are ready with a new and improved fall/winter program which hopefully will bring a new wave of victories!

Master Chess Workshop, September 11 at UCF. NEW FORMAT for even higher motivation, efficiency and results. Levels 1600-2200. Details ...

GM Lars Bo Hansen explains some of the most central topics in chess in his characteristic clear, logical, and well structured manner. Instant Download on Amazon ....

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