July 20, 2019

July 15-19, 2019: Chess Camp at Bahama Bay Resort

Summer camps are all about creating memories, and this five-day camp in Bahama Bay Resort in Orlando was no exception for the 18 participants.

Five days filled with chess strategies and games, tournaments, new points of view, new boundaries, fun and laughter, nice talk, trash talk, old friendships, new friendships, learning the lazy way, learning the hard way - or simply said, growing wiser. Hope we can do it again next year!

Special thanks to Camille Sibbitt for stepping in as assistant coach, and to Kevin Sibbitt for professional photo coverage beside helping us out with all possible and impossible tasks. Thank you guys!

Florida State Championships 2019 in Orlando, March 1-3

Amy Xing (to the right) will be representing Florida at the Invitation-only Denker High School Championship in August. Amy secured the invite with her 2nd place in the K-12 section of The State Championship, after winner Cindy Jie. Congratulations Amy!

Photo provided by Kevin Sibbitt

Bach Ngo will be representing Florida at the Barber Championship in August! Bach earned the invite by finishing 2nd in the K8 section with 4.5 of 5 points. Bach is a K-5 student but played one section up, a fact that makes his result even more remarkable! Final Standings (from left): 1. Raghav Venkat, 2. Bach Ngo and 3. Vincent Stone. Congratulations, Bach!
Photo provided by Kevin Sibbitt

Andrew Xing and Zoe Zelner tied for 3rd in the K-8 section of the 2019 Florida State Championship.

Andrew (6th grader) was one of the youngest in the section. Congratulations Andrew and Zoe!

Photo provided by Kevin Sibbitt