March 20, 2017




April 8th Master Chess Class Topic: Key Positions and Strategies


Mastering the strategic rules of the game is of little value if you can't recognize WHEN to strategize.


From strategic point of view, there are places in every game that require deeper attention. We call them key positions. These are the turning points of the game, where more time should be spent to lay the strategies for the next step. We are going to work with all relevant issues, starting with how to identify the key positions, how to handle them, and how to use your knowledge to transform the game into well-known key-positions.





March 21st, 6:00-8:00 PM EST. Topic: Queenless Middlegames


2-hour online sessions with GM Lars Bo Hansen. Levels 2000-2450




  • Build rock-solid fundamentals. If you consider the 2000-level as your limit, you probably think you are way beyond fundamentals. But if you are in chess for winning championships and big tournaments, you know that the 2000 is where the real fundamentals just begin.


  • Coach GM Lars Bo Hansen is one of the best Chess Strategy Coaches in the world. He is known for his innovative approach to Strategy. Find his books on Amazon, and study them before you enroll for this class, especially if you still need to reach the admission level.


Participation fee $50 for a 2-hour session.


Email Jen to enroll: jen@orlandochesshouse.com

2017 Master Chess Classes


Saturday, April 8

Sunday, May 7


4-day Fast Track Summer Camp in Gainesville

Early June / Exact dates will be announced soon

Levels: 1500+

Stay tuned for details


Master Chess Workshops in pictures

Zoe Zelner wins 2017 Central Florida Class B. All results here ...

Coach Jen playing on Board#1 of the winning ladies' team at the USATs.