December 11, 2017



Nationals 2017


K4: Bach and Grayson tie for 2nd with 6/7. Congrats!


K3: Erick with another Co-Champion title!


K3: First National trophy for Daniel for his Top 20 performance!


More results and full story coming up soon






No classes are planned for January 2018. Please visit later for updates.




Champions Showdown in St. Louis, Nov 9-13


Top chess is best followed live on site - Lars and Martin came home from St Louis with tons of personal impressions and new inspiration to share with everyone at the next Master Class.


"Attending The Champions Showdown in November reminded me of the good old days when I was still an active GM and played several of these guys"


GM Lars Bo Hansen


Master Chess Workshops in photos

Nationals 2017: 2nd place for Bach in the K4 section! First National trophy for Daniel in K3 section! Congratulations, boys!