September 21, 2016


Upcoming Events


Next Master Workshop October 8th


Topic: Chess in the 21st century. About the challenges in modern chess, how they change the game and the best ways to deal with them. Details ...


See you all at Southern Class this weekend! Good luck!


Advanced Online Class


Next Advanced Online Class is Tuesday, Sept 13th, 6-8 PM EST. Topic: Maneuvering - The Art of Piece Play. Levels 1900 and up.


Format: 2-hour online sessions with GM Lars Bo Hansen on Advanced Topics aiming to bring Expert players to levels Master and beyond. Fee: $50/session


Qualified players (USCF 1900+) can register at all times. For details, please email Jen at Jen@orlandochesshouse.com

Master Chess Workshop, October 18th Topic: Chess in the 21st Century. Details ...

GM Lars Bo Hansen explains some of the most central topics in chess Instant Download on Amazon ....

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