June 4th, 2019

Summer Chess Camp, July 15-19, 2019


Bahama Bay Resort

400 Gran Bahama Blvd, Davenport, FL 33897


Confirmed instructors: GM Lars Bo Hansen and WIM Jen Hansen.
Assistant instructor: Camille Sibbitt. Levels from Advanced Beginner to Master levels. 

This is a small-group chess camp, each group is 4-8 kids, all groups will be in same meeting room. Level-related instruction is 60-80% of the time, incl. daily topics, group work and practice games. Daily blitz tournament is in one section for all - a chance to shine for everyone!

One spot is available

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Bach with a 2427 performance at Space Coast!

Eleven year old Bach Ngo played with a whole new level of confidence in the Open (top) section of Space Coast Open, April 26-28, 2019. With  3.5 / 5 points Bach ties for 5th-7th place in the final standing ahead of a number of experienced titled players.

The open section is for 2000+ levels, from Expert to GM, and after a convincing win against NM Carlos Andretta in R1, Bach was just a move away from winning against IM Justin Sarkar in R2!

Bach finished as a co-winner of the 2200 section in a tie with Benjamin Chen, who has been a frequent participant at our Master Classes. 

Congratulations Bach and Ben!

Florida State Championships 2019 in Orlando, March 1-3

Amy Xing (to the right) will be representing Florida at the Invitation-only Denker High School Championship in August. Amy secured the invite with her 2nd place in the K-12 section of The State Championship, after winner Cindy Jie. Congratulations Amy!

Photo provided by Kevin Sibbitt

Bach Ngo will be representing Florida at the Barber Championship in August! Bach earned the invite by finishing 2nd in the K8 section with 4.5 of 5 points. Bach is a K-5 student but played one section up, a fact that makes his result even more remarkable! Final Standings (from left): 1. Raghav Venkat, 2. Bach Ngo and 3. Vincent Stone. Congratulations, Bach!
Photo provided by Kevin Sibbitt

Andrew Xing and Zoe Zelner tied for 3rd in the K-8 section of the 2019 Florida State Championship.

Andrew (6th grader) was one of the youngest in the section. Congratulations Andrew and Zoe!

Photo provided by Kevin Sibbitt


Trophies at the Nationals!


Bach Ngo finished 2nd at the National Scholastic K-5 Championship in Orlando, Dec 14-16th!

BIG Congratulations Bach!


Alan Xu won his first Nationals Trophy in K-2! Congratulations Alan!


The Nationals are THE Event of the year! No words can properly describe the competition, so let's try with numbers


- Roughly 200 participants in each section

- 25% New Yorkers

- NY: 6 Champions, 12 Top 3 positions

- FL: 3 Champions, 7 Top 3 positions

- IN, CA, VA, MA, MD: 1 Champion each

- IL, VA: 3 Top 3 positions


Congratulations to all Florida winners!

Bach Ngo, 2nd in K-5

Amy Xing wins the U1800 at Thanksgiving Open!


Amy and Andrew Xing have every reason to be happy after the Thanksgiving Open in Roswell, GA, Nov 24-25th.


Amy won all her games in the strong U1800 section and secured the 1st place with one round to go. 4 out of 4 and plus 76 rating points!


Amy's younger brother Andrew fully deserved to be right next to her in the final standings, but an unfortunate mishap kept him from ending at the top. Both needed to take a bye in the last round, which probably cost Andrew a top 5 position.


Congratulations to both! Final standings ...

World Cadets Championship 2018 U10


Bach Ngo drew his last game at the U10 World Cadet in Spain today and finished with a respectable result of 7.5/11 in his first World Championship!  


Bach shared 15-24th place in the final standings among 201 participants. The competition in the top was fierce, impossible to even imagine for a by-stander.


This is also a good place to congratulate Erick Zhao on his Silver Medal! He only had to settle for the Silver medal on tiebreak when the Gold Medal winner managed to pull out a win in long, drawish endgame - he was that close to Gold! We have not been working individually with Erick recently, but he has been a regular participant in our Master Classes in Orlando for the past 3 years.  (read full article ...)

Andrew Xing wins Autumn Open U1700 - Amy Xing is 2nd


Andrew Xing got his long-expected breakthrough at Autumn Open in Orlando, winning the U1700 section with almost perfect score.


Andrew started with 4/4 wins, defeating his opponents with great confidence. In the last round he faced his sister Amy Xing who also had an amazing tournament and finished on a clear 2nd place. Congratulations guys!

Final standings ...

Bach with 2350 performance at Florida State Ch.

Bach played his best tournament so far, reaching a decent 2350 performance at Florida State Championship!

Playing in the top section, Bach started out by defeating a 2249 opponent, and then continued the solid play throughout the tournament. The crown of Bach's performance was his draw against GM Finegold (2567) in the final round.

Ten year old Bach is no upstart in chess. He is already a serious player, and he showed some vast potential already in July, winning the U2100 Southern Open.

Congratulations Bach! Final standings ...

Master Chess Workshops in photos

Master Chess Classes and Camps


By request from parents, we are planning a few small-number / high level chess classes and camps in Orlando, FL. Levels 1800-2000 and 2000-2200.


General topics within Strategy, Dynamics, Calculation techniques will be adjusted to the needs and levels of participating campers.


All participants will have one-to-one time with a coach to for individual assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and most immediate goals for improvement.


One-day and two-days day camps will be available. Details will be updated soon.

Central Florida Chess Summit

Lars and I (Jen) had the honor to host the First Central Florida Chess Summit with representatives from all major chess organizations and clubs in the area.

The idea behind the Summit was simply to work as a team, collecting the expertise of all participants with the purpose of promoting chess and its enormous benefits to all age groups in Orlando area.

The Summit was just the first step. Details about our work

will be published soon on Central Florida Chess site. Keep updated on https://www.centralflchess.org/