Crash Course in Advanced Positional Play

Outplay your opponents the way Grandmasters do


With GM Lars Bo Hansen


Ten 60-min lessons. Thursdays 7pm-8 pm EST. Starts March 1st


It is still possible to join and receive the full-course discount!


You will receive Learning points + Game files + Recorded sessions for the two missed sessions.


Clubs are welcome to register and share the sessions - and the cost - among their members.


They say, Play and Learn. Honestly, we all know that tournament expenses can easily run between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars - each.


Learning wise, you get a whole more value for your money if you skip one tournament and instead learn how to eliminate your mistakes, how to think strategy, and how to approach chess to reach a level that opens your eyes.


When it comes to positional chess, GM Lars Bo Hansen is the best coach you can get.


The course is best suited for the 1800-2200 levels tournament players. Lower level players are advised to spend more time on the provided learning points and games.





Part 1: How Grandmasters build structures for advantage – Pawn Play


March 1: Is your house safe? Building the right structure

March 8: Breaking your opponent’s house down brick by brick - exploiting pawn weaknesses

March 15: Exploiting your foot soldiers - passed pawns, minorities, and majorities

Part 2: Are you as patient as a Grandmaster?


March 22: Transformations or not? Maneuvering vs. dynamics

March 29: Winning by pervasive prevention - prophylactic play

April 5: Putting the screws on your opponent- exploiting space


Part 3: Power Play with Pieces


April 12: Avoid being color blind - bishops

April 19: My kingdom for a horse - knights

April 26: Bring out the heavy artillery – rooks, queens, and the king

May 3: Making good deals – which exchanges to allow?

Private Lessons with Jen Hansen



International Master in Chess

Educational Psychologist

Chess Coach


At this moment private lessons are offered by Jen Hansen only.


GM Lars Bo Hansen is teaching the Advanced Online Course and the Master Classes in Orlando. Please see info above.


Why choose us


Our students are winning scholastic events, open tournaments, and National championships. View the list of events ...


Teaching system that goes beyond chess


I work with students ages 8+ who already have the basics in chess and are highly committed to advance in the game.


Using chess as a platform, I help my students see behind the obvious, to synthesize knowledge out of their observations - and apply that knowledge for solving problems of even totally different character.


This means that my lessons go far beyond chess theory and skills: I teach strategic thinking, philosophies and algorithms for problem solving. The level of abstraction sometimes is as high as you can expect on a graduate level.


Homework? Of course! At least 6-10 hours weekly.


At the moment I only teach online. Plus, it goes without saying, both Lars and I teach in person at our Master Classes.


All coaching is based on the individual strengths and weaknesses of the student, no standard solutions.


Fee: $75/h.


Email me at jen@orlandochesshouse.com for more details.


Please note: My system is best suitable for students with high commitment. If you prefer to learn chess as a short term hobby, I would recommend to contact other coaches.

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Crash Course Info


Coach: GM Lars Bo Hansen


Ten 60-min lessons

March 1st - May 3rd, 2018


Thursdays 7pm-8 pm EST


Fee per session: $70

All ten sessions: $500


If you pay for a single lesson and then you decide to take all 10: Simply choose the All 10 for $500, and we will refund the difference.



A few good reasons to enroll:


1) Learn how to think Positional Concepts the way GMs do


2) Learn how to study and make sense of the Information Overload


3) Clear Structures.


4) Additional Study Materials.


5) 30-min recorded versions of each lesson will be available after each session


6) Live communication with GM Hansen


7) Probably the best coach you will find