Online Class in Advanced Dynamic Play

With GM Lars Bo Hansen

This course is for chess players who feel they have been stuck on a certain level, and regardless of all work and effort, that level has proved difficult to break.

The key lies in understanding Dynamics. Yes, Dynamics can be studied the same way as Positional principles, by breaking them down to logical domains. And then bring that understanding one step further to the subtle levels that constitute Mastery.

Live, online course. Participants receive key points and training games for each session.

90-min lessons. Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST

Levels approx. 1700-2200

June 14: How to energize your pieces

June 21: Harness the dynamic potential of your pieces through sacrifices

June 28: Calculate like a human (not a computer)


Private Lessons with Jen Hansen


International Master in Chess

Educational Psychologist

I am teaching chess through simplifications and narratives. That works pretty well, not just to kick start at a beginner level, but also for tournament level students 1500-2000.

My philosophy is that chess is related to the way we understand the world. Learning chess, we learn about the world, on a meta level.

Goals and results are important for the motivation. And I like to work with motivated students. So I simplify my job - and help them achieve high. That's more fun too.

It was great to see my students in top 3 at the State Championships 2018 and winning trophies at the Nationals 2017. My students bring commitment and I provide direction. That's the short story behind our success.

I am now accepting new students (May 2018). Email me if you are interested.

Fee: $75/h. Discounts for block lessons of 2+ hours.

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Dynamic Course Info

Coach: GM Lars Bo Hansen

Three 90-min classes

June 14 - 21 - 28, 2018

Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST

Fee per session: $70

All three sessions: $150

A few good reasons to enroll:

- Learn how GMs approach Dynamics

- Break down Dynamics to logical domains that can be analyzed and studied

- Integrate the new knowledge into your intuition: The way to true Mastery

- You get the learning points (pdf) and the games (pgn) from the lessons plus additional materials.

Shortly upon registration you will receive your link for the class.