Master Chess



Fall / Winter 2018

We are planning a few small-number / high level ches camps in Orlando, FL. Topics within Strategy, Dynamics, Calculation techniques. Individual attention and feedback to all participants.

One-day and two-days day camps or four-days overnight options will be available.

Details will be updated soon. Drop us an email if you have a group of 4-6 players and you are interested in specific dates. We will try to make it work!

COACHES: GM Lars Bo Hansen and WIM Jen Hansen


We have run the Master Chess Program since 2013. You will find our students among the prize winners at all Florida Events and National Championships.

During the past five years our classes have been offering intense coaching to some of the most talented  kids in Florida. Our students have been taking the trip all the way to Orlando from all over the Sunshine State:  Miami - Tampa - Gainesville - Jacksonville - Clermont - East Coast.


Lectures, group analysis and discussions, problem solving,  consultation games, and playing exercises.


UCF, Orlando. Exact location varies. Registered participants receive all details.


Tournament players of all ages.

Minimum requirement for all participants is USCF 1500.

In rare cases we admit participants who are real close but not quite there yet.  Top rated participants  are USCF 2000+. Teaching level is 2000+


11/05/2017 Total Rating Average: 1814 TOP 3: 2124

10/08/2017 Total Rating Average: 1669 TOP 3: 1955

08/20/2017 Total Rating Average: 1745 TOP 3: 2021

01/22/2017 Total Rating Average: 1573 TOP 3: 2043

12/04/2016 Total Rating Average: 1632 TOP 3: 2036


We provide water, coffee, fruits and snacks. Please bring your own lunch.


$125/day for day camps

$750-$800 for 4-day overnight camps.


E-mail to Jen Hansen:

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