December 24, 2020

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Presenting The Florida Master Blitz Showdown!

Orlando Chess House is happy to present the Florida Master Blitz Showdown!

Over the course of June, several of Florida’s strongest masters will battle it out in a series of knockout matches until only one is left standing! Each match will consist of 16 3-minute games and will be streamed with live commentary on Twitch!

12 Masters are invited directly into the main bracket, while 3 spots are decided through play-in matches.

The last spot will be decided in an open qualifier for Florida players that will be held on Lichess on 5/30.

Each match will consist of 16 3-minute games to be played on Lichess and will be streamed with live commentary on https://www.twitch.tv/orlandochesshouse.

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NM Martin Hansen

NM Martin Hansen, USCF 2255, is accepting new students at all levels.

Martin has a strategic, positional playing style and employs openings that are based on understanding the plans and ideas rather than memorization of concrete lines.

Martin's best results include victories in the World Open U2200 in 2017 and the CFCC Autumn Open that same year. He is also tied for first prize in the U2400 rating category at the 2019 US Open. Outside of chess, Martin holds an MBA from Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Contact Martin at martin@orlandochesshouse.com