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Learn - Apply - Grow

Our online chess program will be offering 2 classes each month throughout the summer

During the 4 weeks of each class, we will guide you through a number of fundamental topics in chess.

Our goal is to help you elevate your game by giving you broad knowledge of many important patterns and concepts that you can immediately start using in your own games.

As you progress through our classes, you will discover that you are developing a deeper understanding of the inner logic of chess.

When faced with challenging positions, the concepts that you learn from our classes will prepare you to meet these challenges, and find strong and creative solutions!


Intermediate / Tournament players


NM Martin Hansen and WIM Jen Hansen


Each class runs 4 weeks with one online session per week.

Upon registration you will receive
- Log-in link for all 4 sessions

- Notes and games for the first session

- Invoice for your tax records

Skipped lessons will not be refunded


1) Register and checkout for the class of your choice or

2) Email Jen Hansen at if you register with Zelle

Attack on the Castled King

4-week class. Starts Saturday, May 30 and runs four Saturdays 10am - 11am

The castled king is supposed to be safe but that's not always the case!

Opportunities to launch an attack against the enemy king appear all the time. However, if they are not recognized when they occur, they disperse into nothing.

This class is about converting opportunities into an attack, and hopefully converting that attack into a win.

During the 4 weeks of this class you will learn:

Week 1: Recognizing an opportunity to successfully attack. When and how to strike against the King

Week 2: Predict and break through your opponent's defenses

Week 3: Typical breakthroughs. Dynamics of attack

Week 4: Must-know mating patterns. Finish the attack in style!

Tuition Fee

$80 if paid with Zelle


$85 if paid with Credit card or Paypal

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Key Patterns - what to do when you are out of prep

4-week class. Starts Sunday, May 31, 2020 and runs four Sundays 3pm - 4pm

Many players study a great deal of opening theory and know what to do in the first 5-10 moves or the main lines. However, as soon as their knowledge runs out, they are often not sure what to do - which leads to mistakes.

The key to continue playing well in the early middlegame is knowing Key Patterns! Understanding the key patterns and ideas in different structures - both strategic and tactical - allows you to continue playing strongly and confidently after the opening phase is over!

The four sessions of this class are packed with key patterns in different types of positions. Once you become aware of them, you will notice that many of those "What do I do now?!"s turn into effortless decisions.

During the 4 weeks of this class you will learn:

Week 1: Key moves - What to do when the opening is over

Week 2: Pawn breaks - Initiating active play and attacking the king

Week 3: Playing against the Fianchetto

Week 4: Piece patterns - Make your pieces work together

Tuition Fee

$80 if paid with Zelle


$85 if paid with Credit card or Paypal

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