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Lars Bo Hansen



International Grandmaster in Chess (GM)

Business Professor

MBA • PhD • Author • Coach

Some highlights from my chess career:

- Florida State Champion 2012 and 2013

- Olympic Bronze Medalist

- Former top 100 in the World

- Winner of five Danish National Championships

- Winner of three German Team Championships

- Winner of 20+ International tournaments

- Represented my native Denmark at six Chess Olympiads

- National Head Coach and Captain of Denmark's National Team


Being a full time Business Professor, my time for chess is limited so I am using it wisely. At the this time, the only coaching I do is the Advanced Online Class and the monthly Master Workshop.


As a chess coach, I emphasize providing students with a sound foundation of knowledge and skills in chess, just as in my university role.


The relationship between my two careers also goes in the opposite direction. In my research at Florida Tech, I am currently working on several projects that draw on chess.

Jen Hansen



Managing Director

International Master in Chess

Educational Psychologist


I started Orlando Chess House in 2013. Today, four busy and highly productive years later, Lars and I are running the most successful Master Chess program in Florida. Our students are winning scholastic events, open tournaments, and National championships. View details ...


As a coach I try to help my students understand their own style and build their play on it. After all, chess is a platform for personal expression.


Some highlights of my chess career:


  • Played at Three Chess Olympics, twice on Board 1 for Denmark
  • #10 at the World Championship in Adelaide.
  • Twice Danish Team Champion
  • Best game of all times is my win against Mikhail Tal


Personal profile

I was born in Bulgaria, a small country in Europe with a very strong chess culture. Already early in my chess carrier I had the chance to work with a number of prominent grandmasters, which helped me win national championships - and eventually the title of Woman International Master.


Lars and I met at the World Championship U20 in Adelaide. What a story! Two years later we were married and got our son Martin. While still playing chess, Lars and I started collecting degrees. Lars picked up business, and went all the way up. I kept myself busy with game design, business and psychology, to mention few.


And then, in 2010, we moved to Orlando, Florida. I am now a full time chess coach and manager of Orlando Chess House, enjoying busy times working with my students and help them achieve amazing results.