Blitz League


Blitz League

The Florida Challenger Blitz League!

We have received many requests for events recently for players just below the master level, and we are therefore happy to present the Florida Challenger Blitz League!

The league consists of 12 players divided in 2 groups of 6. The group stage will have all-play-all blitz matches of best of 16 games, and the top 2 players at the end of the group stage will advance to the semifinals! The semifinalists are also automatically qualified to participate in the Master Blitz League which is expected to start in September with the same format as the challenger league, except it will have 4 groups of 6 for 24 players total!

In case players are tied for a semifinal spot, the tiebreaker rules are:

1) Matches won

2) Total Win/Loss margin (+/-)

3) Individual match result

4) Individual match margins

5) Drawing of lots