Chess Lessons

NM Martin Hansen

NM Martin Hansen, USCF 2255, is accepting new students at all levels. Martin has a strategic, positional playing style and employs openings that are based on understanding the plans and ideas rather than memorization of concrete lines.

Martin's best results include victories in the World Open U2200 in 2017 and the CFCC Autumn Open that same year. He is also tied for first prize in the U2400 rating category at the 2019 US Open. Outside of chess, Martin holds an MBA from Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Contact Martin at martin@orlandochesshouse.com


Jen Hansen


International Master in Chess (WIM)

USCF 2160

Educational Psychologist


WIM Jen Hansen

I am again accepting new students of all levels

Individual approach combined with solid fundamental understanding has been the key for success for my students over the years. Countless tournament victories, championships, and representing US at World Cadet's are only the hard statistics

For a full list of my students' achievements please see our News page ...

My true goal is to transform my students thru chess


I see my role as a coach as the person who helps kids see a simplicity in complex things


Whatever goals you have we can make it work. And set new goals along the way


Lessons are offered online


Email me at jen@orlandochesshouse.com

WGM Vera Juergens joins our coaching team

WGM Vera Juergens, FIDE 2270, has recently joined Orlando Chess House online coaching team. Some of our students have already been working with Vera for a few weeks - and embracing the creative, dynamic approach to chess typical to her style.

Vera is Jen's sister, born Bulgarian (of course), now residing in Germany since 1991. Vera's chess career counts many outstanding achievements in chess, probably the most notable one being winning the German Blitz Championship in 2012. More info on her Wiki Page ...

Contact Vera at vera_juergens@yahoo.de

Recent chess achievements by Jen's students

July 19-21, 2019 Southern Open

Sisira ties for 2nd in the U1800 section and wins the U1600 along the way!

Eleven year old Sisira has gained 200 rating points since she started working with me in December 2018. A dedicated and talented girl - and we are aiming high!

July 8, 2019, World Open, PA

Very proud of my - and now Lars' student Bach Ngo who tied for 4th in U2200 at the World Open!

Even when waiting at the airport, a scheduled lesson should not be wasted. Coach Lars is on the other side of the screen! Congratulations, Bach!

June 23-27, 2019: 2019 SPF Girls' Invitational

Amy Xing had her best tournament ever representing Florida at the SPF Girls Invitational in St Louis, MO.

April 26-28, 2019, Space Coast Open

Bach ties for 1st in the U2200 group. New personal record performance of 2420!!!

April 17-21, 2019, Foxwoods, CT

New personal rating record 2115 for Bach in the strong open section, after winning against some 2200-2300 folks. Respect!

April 2019

Sisira Yerrajennu is one of Florida's fastest rising stars!

Sisira has won 150 rating points in the past 4 moths and is now #14 on the US Top list for Girls under 11

Photo: Kevin Pryer

Dec 14-16, the Nationals

Bach is 2nd in K-5


July 2018

Bach wins the U2100 Southern Open


September 2018

Bach drew GM Finegold, and made a 2350 performance at Florida State Championship

Dec 26-30, 2018

North American Open

Bach got his first victory against a 2350+ opponent

March 1-3, 2019,

Florida State Championship

Bach is 2nd in K-8

November 2018

Amy Xing wins the U1800 Thanksgiving Open in Roswell, GA


July 2018

Andrew Xing wins the U1700 Autumn Open

March 1-3, 2019

Florida State Championships

Amy Xing is 2nd among the girls in K-12

Andrew Xing ties for 3rd in K-8

November 2018

Bach and Erick at the World Cadet in Spain.


Bach tied for 15-24 among 201 participants.


Erick (former student) won the silver.